Tiny mini Bonsai

Hello bonsai lovers,

We invite you to join us in the magnificent world of miniature trees. A bonsai depicts the art of harmony and patience, learned through the time you devote to nature when you form a small tree from seeds in a container. Making a bonsai from the beginning takes many years. But this time allows you to observe nature. By germinating, pruning, and wiring the miniature tree, you can create the image of the beautiful tree you imagined.

Tiny mini Bonsai seeks to bring the art of bonsai design closer to anyone who wants to try this kind of collaboration with nature. It may seem otherwise, but you don't need to be an expert to grow and design your bonsai. Anyone with no experience in this ancient art can create a beautiful bonsai with a bit of enthusiasm and patience.

Tiny mini set  

For a successful start and a more enjoyable first step into the bonsai world, we have prepared a special beginer set for you.

Tiny mini Bonsai Blue set

Tiny mini Bonsai yellow set

Tiny mini Bonsai is a kit that has everything you need to grow your first bonsai. It includes the seeds of 1 or 4 carefully selected species and all the necessary accessories with instructions for getting started.

It is suitable for both children and adults as it is only necessary to follow our precise written and pictorial instructions that bring joy and success.

Growing Bonsai from seed is interesting for everyone who wants to admire growth from the beginning, though it takes quite a while and a lot of care before you can enjoy the idea of your perfect Bonsai. Because time and patience are crucial to its success, it is the perfect counterweight to the fast time of the modern world.

Tiny mini Bonsai is a frequent choice for a gift suitable for birthdays, weddings, holidays, school projects, workshops in retirement homes, and all city and office window sills, as well as making colorful holidays.

Tiny mini Bonsai is an event that combines all generations with nature and is an extremely enjoyable experience.