Bonsai - a miniature tree in a pot - grows from the same seed as a tree in nature. There is no specific type of bonsai seeds. By trimming, wiring and planting in shallow containers, we can achieve the full symmetry and beauty of bonsai art as has been nurtured in the East for centuries.

You may be surprised, but the seeds of trees are more vulnerable than the seeds of herbs or vegetables and sometimes very whimsical and even weird. In its core, they are living, deep-sleeping organisms that, perhaps when properly cared for, will wake up, sprout and grow into healthy plants.

Trees can produce a lot of seeds in a year and then almost nothing for a few years. Most seeds are empty, which is impossible to determine at a glance. Also, quite a few species of seeds as soon as ripen and fall away from the parent plant, start to die within a few days, unless planted or harvested before being damaged or eaten by birds and squirrels, if they are not toxic, of course.

And lastly, most seeds prefer to exaggerate in pretending to be ill or sleep deeply, instead of doing their job. Surrounded by a hard shell, impermeable to water and air, they stubbornly ignore ideal conditions for growth.

Not optimistic for bonsai cultivation, huh? Not at all. We just learned we should not expect most seeds to sprout.

So our first step in bonsai art is to awake the seeds from a deep sleep. With various procedures called stratification, we will try to create favorable external factors that will stimulate their sprout. With four different types of seeds, we will learn four different germination processes.

If you carefully follow our instructions, you may wake up seeds quickly from their sleep, but sometimes it may take longer. Don't give up. Often happens that seeds start to germinate unexpectedly a few years after the beginning of the process, so be patient.

We believe you will be able to raise a beautiful bonsai that will remind you at every glance that you have witnessed the wonder of nature when little seed sprouted.

Maybe something for the end.

Raising bonsai from seeds is a long process, and can be a great test for our patience. If you can't wait for Tiny mini bonsai to be big enough for designing, we recommend that you visit the nearest nursery and get some two or three-year-old trees. In any way, do not take the plants out of the forest. If you want to have an older bonsai in your home, balcony or garden, we recommend, that you buy it at a local store.

Good luck, and lots of pleasure in sprouting, cultivating and creating.